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CuteFTP Home Editor's Review

CuteFTP Home is a widely used FTP client. It has a nicely structured interface that makes copying files, to and from the Internet, very easy. I first used CuteFTP a while ago for uploading a website. It can be used to upload any type of file: music, photos, software and more.

First time you start the program a window appears which you can use to create a connection to a FTP server. SSL connections are supported for making the communication more secure. The main window of the software has two panels, one used for browsing the FTP site, and the other for browsing your own computer or network. You can use drag and drop to copy or move files from one panel to the other (moving a file is done by pressing the SHIFT key while dragging). Each operation, that is performed by CuteFTP, is displayed in the bottom panel of the program.

This software has a built-in editor which you can use to preview the files you download or upload. When you open HTML files, syntax highlighting is supported. The program features a backup wizard, which you can use to save files from your computer to a remote FTP server or to restore the files you previously saved. You can schedule downloads or uploads, auto-rename transferred files and queue transfers.

Pluses: CuteFTP has a PodCast Manager, which you can use, for example, to get the latest news in multimedia format.

Drawbacks / flaws:
In conclusion: CuteFTP is used by begginers and advanced users alike, all over the world. Its wizards make it accessible and its advanced options make it versatile and customizable.

version reviewed: 8.3.3

CuteFTP Home Publisher's Description

CuteFTP is absolutely the easiest way to transfer files across the Internet. Its built-in Connection Wizard will walk you through connecting to an FTP site in seconds and its user-friendly interface will have you transferring files in no time, even if you are a beginner. Whether publishing a Web page, downloading the latest digital images, software

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